A list of translations that are found on the Internet - that is, found on this site and elsewhere - and links to them. The list is in alphabetical order according to the English title. The original title of the work is also given, where appropriate. This page lists translations M-Z except for those whose name begins with "Tablet", which are listed on separate pages.

Name of tabletDescriptionWebsite and link
Most Holy Book
Law Baha'i Reference
Baha'i Library
Most Holy Tablet (to the Christians)
Proclamatory Baha'i Reference
Nightingale and the Owl Short story Windflower
Nightingale of Separation
(Lawh-i Bulbulu'l-Firaq)
General letter - begins with a poem Windflower
Obligatory prayers Devotional Baha'i Reference (Short)
Baha'i Reference (Medium)
Baha'i Reference (Long)
O Cupbearer, give me a drop
(Sáqí, bi-dih ábí)
Poem Baha'i Library
O Nightingales
(Ay Bulbulan)
Poem Windflower
Ode of the Dove
(al-Qasidah al-Warqa'iyyah)
Poem and commentary Windflower (poem)
Windflower (notes)
Law Baha'i Reference
Praised be my Lord, the Most High
(Subhana Rabbiyya'l-A`la)
(Lawh-i Harf al-Baqa')
Poem Windflower
Praise be to the One Who spoke One-paragraph proclamation Adib Masumian
Prayer for Decision Devotional Baha'i Studies
Prayers for Fasting
(Lawh-i Siyam)
Devotional Baha'i Reference
Baha'i Reference
Baha'i Reference
Prayer for Illumination Devotional Baha'i Library
Prayer for Mirza 'Abu'l-Fadl Devotional Baha'i Library
Prayer for Protection Devotional Baha'i Library
Prayer for the Dead
(Lawh-i Salat-i Mayyit)
Devotional Baha'i Reference
Prayer for woman Devotional Adib Masumian
Prayer freeing Mubarak (Baha'u'llah's slave) Devotional Baha'i Teachings
Regarding the one who related the existence of the Qa'im Short explanation Adib Masumian
Responses to Questions of Manakji Sahib Commentary Baha'i Reference
Ridvan-related tablets:
(1) History of Ridvan
(2) Tablet of Ridvan
(3) Revealed for the Day of Ridvan (Nuzzila fi al-Yawm ir-Ridvan)
(4) Tablet of the Garden of Ridvan (Lawh-i-Bagh-i-Ridvan)
(1) Proclamation and law
(2) and (3) Devotional
(4) Historical
(1) Windflower
(2) Baha'i Reference
(3) Baha'i Library
(4) Baha'i Library
Scroll of God (to Jewish converts)
Proclamation Hurqlaya(incomplete)
Seven Valleys
(Haft Vadi)
Commentary Baha'i Reference
Snow animals letter General correspondence Windflower
Law Baha'i Reference
Sprinking of the Cloud of Unknowing/Beyond Being 
(Rashh-i `Ama)
Poem Windlfower
Surah of Admonition
(Surat al-nus'h)
Commentary Nayriz
Surah of the Almighty
(Surat al-qadir)
Commentary Windflower
Surah of Blood
(Surat al-dam)
Proclamation and commentary Windflower
Surah of the Companions
(Surat al-ashab)
Proclamation and commentary Windflower
Surah of the Exposition
(Surat al-bayan)
Proclamation and commentary Hurqalya
Surah of Fidelity
(Surat al-wafa')(Suriy-i-vafa')
Commentary Hurqalya
Surah of God
(Surat Allah)
Proclamatory and historical Windflower
Surah of the Name
(Surat al-ism)
Proclamatory Hurqalya
Surah of the Opening
(Surat al-fath)
Commentary Hurqalya(incomplete)
Surah of the Oration
(Surat al-Khitab)
Proclamatory Hurqalya
Surah of Patience (Surih-i-Sabr)
Tablet of Job (Lawh-i Ayyub)
Commentary, historical Nayriz
Surah of the Pen
(Suratu'l Qalam)
Devotional Baha'i Library
Surah of the Premier (Ali Pasha) Proclamatory Baha'i Reference
Surah of the Robe
(Surat al-qamis)
Proclamatory Hurqalya (incomplete)
Surah of Sacrifice
Proclamatory and commentary Windflower
Surah of the Servants
(Surat al-'ibad)
Proclamatory Hurqalya(incomplete)
Surah of Sorrows
(Suriy-i Ahzan)
Devotional, historical, commentary Windflower
Surah of the Sublimities
(Surat al-Ma'ani)
Proclamatory Hurqalya(incomplete)
Surah of the Sufficiency
(Surat al-Kifaya)
Proclamatory Hurqalya
Surah of the Temple
Devotional Baha'i Reference
Baha'i Library
Surah of Visitation for Mulla Husayn Devotional Lights of Irfan
Sweet Scented Being
(Shikkar Shikkan Shavand)
Commentary Baha'i Library(incomplete)
Baha'i Library(incomplete)
We have heard thy voice Short response to believer Adib Masumian
Words of Paradise
Law Baha'i Reference
Words of Wisdom
Devotional Baha'i Reference
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