A list of translations that are found on the Internet - that is, found on this site and elsewhere - and links to them. The list is in alphabetical order according to the English title. The original title of the work is also given, where appropriate. This page lists translations beginning with the letters A-L.

Name of tabletDescriptionWebsite and link
Alchemical Tablet about the Hajar (Philosophers' Stone)
(Lawh-i Kimiya (III))
Commentary Hurqalya(incomplete)
Alchemical Tablet expository of a Saying of Mary the Copt/Jewess
(Lawh-i Kimiya (II))
Commentary Hurqalya(incomplete)
Alchemical Tablet to Abbas
(Lawh-i Kimiya (I))
Commentary Hurqalya(incomplete)
The Almighty bears witness that there is none other God besides Him One-paragraph statement Adib Masumian
Blessed Couplets
(Mathnaviyi-i Mubarak)
Poem Baha'i Library
Book of Certitude
Commentary Baha'i Reference
Book of the Covenant
Law Baha'i Reference
Book of the Tigris
(Sahifih-'i Shattiyyih)
Commentary Windflower
Baha'i Studies
Breath of Spirit
(Lawh-i huwwa munfikhu 'r-ruh)
Devotional Windflower
City of Radiant Acquiescence
(Lawh-i Madinatu'r-Rida)
Commentary Windflower
Commentary on a Verse of Rumi
(Lawh-i Salman I)
Commentary Windflower
Commentary on a Verse of Sa'di
(Tafsir-i Bayti az Sa'di)
Commentary Windflower
Commentary on 'He who knows his self knows his Lord'
(Lawh-i Hadi or
Bayan-i hadith-i Sharif `Man `arafa nafsahu fa qad `arafa rabbahu')
Commentary Windflower
Commentary on Surah of the Sun
(Tafsir-i Suriy-i Va'sh-Shams)
Commentary Windflower
Commentary on the Bismala Commentary Hurqalya(incomplete)
Commentary on the Isolated (or Disconnected) Letters
(Tafsir al-hurufat al-muqatta`at)
Tablet about the Light Verse
(Lawh-i ayah-yi nur)
Commentary Hurqalya
Countenance of Love
(Lawh al-Tal`at al-Hubb)
Devotional Windflower
Cupbearer, from the cheeks of the unseen immortal realm cast aside the veil
(Sáqí az ghayb-e baqá bur qa‘ bar afk an az ‘idhár)
Poem Baha'i Library
Deathless Youth
Devotional Baha'i Library
Law Baha'i Reference
Epistle to the Son of the Wolf
(Lawh-i Ibn-i Dhi'b)
Proclamatory and commentary Baha'i Reference
Figurative Interpretation of Scripture
Commentary Windflower
Baha'i Library
Fire Tablet
(Lawh-i Qad-Ihtaraqa'l-Mukhlisun)
Devotional Baha'i Reference
Baha'i Library
Baha'i Library
The Five Treasures
(Panj Kanz)
Pilgrim's notes by Nabil-i-Zarandi
of stories told by Baha'u'llah
(not scripture)
Adib Masumian
Four Valleys
(Chahar vadi)
Commentary Baha'i Reference
Furthermost Mosque (Masjid al-Aqsa) Proclamatory Hurqalya
Garden of Justice
(Lawh-i Ridvan al-'adl)
(also "Tablet of the Paradise/Ridvan of Justice"
Baha'u'llah addresses
the Name of God, the Just
Adib Masumian
(includes the Arabic)
Gems of the Mysteries
Mystical Windflower
Baha'i Reference
Glad Tidings
Law Baha'i Reference
Greatest Name of God - three unnamed tablets:
- two discussing the Ramadan dawn prayer
- one discussing the Night of Destiny
Hallelujah, O Glad Tidings
(Lawh-i hali hali hali ya bisharat)
Poem Hurqalya
Baha'i Library
Hidden Words
(Kalimat-i Maknunih)
Devotional Baha'i Reference
Baha'i Library
History of Ridvan - see "Ridvan-related tablets"
Houri of Wonder (Hur-i 'Ujab)
Tablet of the Wondrous (Lawh-i-al-`Ajab)
Poem Windflower
Baha'i Library
Incalculable is the grace of God Regarding God's answers to prayers Adib Masumian
Long Healing Prayer
Devotional Baha'i Reference
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