Statement that Alison sent to the National Spiritual Assembly to distribute to the six local assemblies for their files.

Statement pursuant to principle 7(3) of the Privacy Act 1993

29 May 2002

In accordance with a recommendation of the Privacy Commissioner and as agreed by the National Spiritual Assembly, I enclose this statement. It corrects a sentence included in a letter sent to your local assembly on 28 March 2000 about my disenrolment from the Baha’i community.

The relevant sentence is: “Efforts have been made to clear up her misunderstandings, but these have been unsuccessful, hence the supreme body’s decision.”

The sentence is incorrect. I was never contacted by any Baha’i institution about the fact that the institutions had concerns about my beliefs, nor was I ever counselled about my beliefs. That is, I was not contacted or counselled by the National Spiritual Assembly or the Dunedin Spiritual Assembly or any of their members, or by any counsellor (international or national), auxiliary board member or assistant.

(signed) Alison Marshall