The following is a list of some of Alison's podcasts about Baha'u'llah's revelation. Click on the links to download the audios.

  • Finding Abdu'l-Baha. This is an audio of me discussing my search to find out who Abdu'-Baha is. I was moved to go on this quest because I knew Abdu'l-Baha wasn't the person that some Baha'is make him out to be, by throwing his Will and Testament at other believers and accusing them of being evil people. Many, many thanks to Marzieh Gail for writing her wonderful book Summon up Remembrance, published by George Ronald in 1987.
  • Thoughts on the Israel/Lebanon conflict. This podcast is 20 minutes long. The music used in the podcast is by Kevin MacLeod and is taken from the site
  • Musings on my disenrollment. This is an audio of me explaining how I now feel about my disenrollment and the situation as it stands. I get e-mails from people about it and I find it hard to explain these things using e-mail.
  • Planet heaven. This is an audio of me discussing the experience of myself and a friend of mine. The experience was about coming to a moment of crisis after long years of despair and search, turning to Baha'u'llah and finding planet heaven with him. I argue that this transformation process, which is open to everyone of us, is the path to eradicating war because a person who has shifted from planet earth to planet heaven will abandon their own inner wars.
  • Kalimat Press. In this podcast, I discuss the dispiriting effect of the Baha'i administration's actions against believers it perceives to be enemies. I was prompted to record this because the US NSA decided to forbid its agencies from carrying Kalimat Press books. I examine the dispiriting effect these decisions have on our hearts and the importance of not letting it cause us to give up.
  • Baha'u'llah's lament for the Bab. To commemorate the martyrdom of the Bab, I recorded Baha'u'llah's lament for the Bab in his Tablet of Sorrows.
  • Drawing down the music. In this podcast, I talk about one of the themes in the movie "As it is in heaven". In the movie, a conductor teaches a local choir how to sing together. He begins by teaching them that singing is all about listening; that is, listening to the music that already exists and then drawing it down. In the podcast, I discuss how this process of drawing down the music is like the one we need to focus on in order to enrich our spiritual lives.
  • Maingame. In this podcast, I talk about what the main game of the Baha’is should be - Baha’u'llah. I discuss the importance of focusing our attention and energies on Baha’u'llah and not the Baha'i administration.
  • Naw Ruz celebration podcast. A podcast to celebrate Naw Ruz. It's a 10-minute devotional podcast, with readings and sounds. It's different, and needs to be listened to when you have some quiet time to sit and relax.
  • Baha'u'llah's message to the Christians. This podcast is 22 minutes long. The music used in the podcast is by Kevin MacLeod and is taken from the site
  • Spirit. A devotional podcast about the spirit.
  • Disenrollment of Sen McGlinn. Discussion about the disenrollment of Sen McGlinn.
  • Worlds Within. In this podcast, I discuss what Baha'u'llah says in the first paragraph of the Tablet of the Vision about the worlds of light that lie within this world of gloom: "We desired to favor thee with the mention of what We saw, that thou mightest perceive the world of light that lieth within this realm of gloom, mightest be convinced that We have worlds within this world, and mightest thank thy Lord, the All-Perceiving."